Mudslide: the novel

A class of teenagers becomes trapped in the path of a deadly mudslide.

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Here’s Mud on Kindle….

Posted by Ronnie Dauber on February 1, 2011

My young adult adventure novel, Mudslide, is now available at the Kindle Bookstore.

Now teens and adults can both enjoy the convenience of reading this fast-paced novel right at home on their Kindle. It’s reasonably priced at $2.99 – and that’s a lot of action for this price – but I want readers to have the opportunity to be able to afford to buy this novel. It’s packed with action, void of profanity and sexual implications, and yet keeps the reader glued to the pages. Will the teens who become trapped in the path of a deadly mudslide be able to save themselves? Or rescue the others? Before the next storm hits and before the slide comes again?

Visit the Kindle Book Store and get your copy of Mudslide…..and then get ready for its sequel!


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…changes coming…

Posted by Ronnie Dauber on January 6, 2011

It’s 2011 and there will be some changes this year to my novel, Mudslide.

Instead of it being a single young adult adventure, it has changed to become the first in a series of outdoor adventures known as The Survival Series.

The two cousins, Sarah and Meagan Davies, will be the main characters in all of them, and there may even be one or two of the original characters in some of them, as well. These books are written for today’s readers and yet will all be free of profanity, sexual content and illegal substances.

BUT, they will all be fast-paced and action packed!

The first sequel entitled Fire Storm will hopefully be released by June. So, if you enjoyed Mudslide, you’ll also want to read this!

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Mudslide sequel coming soon…

Posted by Ronnie Dauber on December 22, 2010

The sequel to Mudslide is another fast-paced teen adventure where the same two cousins, Sarah and Meagan Davies, once again get involved in an unexpected natural disaster. There will be several books in this series of adventures and each one will be a quest of rescue and survival in the great outdoors.

The title to this sequel is already chosen and it’s perfect for the story, and it will be released in the near future.

So, if you like Mudslide you’ll like the next one because hopefully, with each new story the author will get better and the story will be more challenging.

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Sequel to Mudslide…

Posted by Ronnie Dauber on December 8, 2010

I wrote Mudslide for an audience of young adults, and although many young adults have enjoyed it, I’m getting reviews back from many adults who also read the book and loved it. Some called it an amazing adventure; others said they couldn’t put it down because of the ongoing adventure; others read it in two days because they couldn’t stop; and most have asked me if there’s going to be a sequel.

Inititially, I wasn’t sure and so I dove into writing another adult mystery/thriller. But as time passed and I was getting involved in my latest novel, ideas for the perfect sequel to Mudslide began to flood my creative thoughts. I jotted them down on paper and after a while I realized that I had the making of the sequel right before me.

So now the thoughts are turning into a story on paper and now I can announce with surety that there is going to be a sequel to Mudslide.  And I think it’s safe to say that I should have it done by late spring – if not sooner, the way it’s so quickly unfolding.

So, if you found that Mudslide captured your interest, I’m fairly certain that the sequel will do the same thing!

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Books are a perfect Christmas gift for kids and grownups…

Posted by Ronnie Dauber on November 22, 2010

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time to start planning out those Christmas presents.

A great gift for both kids and grownups is a book. Books are easy to carry around and  can become part of a special book collection – especially if it’s hardcover.  As time passes, the collection gets bigger and the reader takes pride in their unique library of books.

Mudslide is an excellent read for teens and young adults who enjoy fast-paced action stories. This book is filled with excitement and unexpected twists as a fun hiking trip turns into a nightmare for a group of young adults.

As in all novels by this author, there is no profanity and no sexual connotations in any of the story even though it is written for today’s teens –  and there is a hidden lesson.

Check out Mudslide at, and if you’re looking for an ebook, you’ll get the best deal at

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Mudslide on the east coast….

Posted by Ronnie Dauber on November 15, 2010

The teen adventure novel, Mudslide, is making its way through the east coast of Canada as many readers – both teens and adults – are getting caught up in the adventure. Some are even asking if there’s a sequel to it – and there may be one. But how can you top the fast-paced action story of a group of young teens being left on their own without supervision to survive a deadly mudslide – who are then forced to  become a rescue team to find the others?

It’s a tough act to follow, but as the author of this exciting novel, I think it’s safe to say that it could happen!

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Encourage Your Child to Read….

Posted by Ronnie Dauber on November 11, 2010

Mudslide is a teen adventure novel that is filled with action and excitement, but is void of the profanity and sexuality that parents like to avoid. It’s about teenagers who venture out on a class hiking trip and find themselves trapped in the path of a deadly mudslide. These teens endure hardships and must overcome personal fears and team conflict as their fun trip turns into a quest of rescue and survival.

I wrote this book for teens and in today’s lifestyle so that they can relate to the characters in the book as they read. Not all books have to deal with fantasy and paranormal to be exciting.

I believe that it’s crucial for parents to help their children and young teens select books that are interesting to read and that will hold their interest without subjecting them to some of the idealisms that are flooding the book market today. When kids read books, they are drawn into the story and we need to ensure that the material feeding their minds is positive and adds to their character development. I encourage you to read the first chapter that’s offered so you can get an insight to the adventure that awaits this class of unsuspecting teens… Ronnie Dauber

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Excerpts from Mudslide…..a fall to remember…

Posted by Ronnie Dauber on November 9, 2010

“The skies drew darker and the others took off across the swaying bridge ahead of me because I had to run back to get my backpack……..I stepped up onto the swaying bridge and looked up at the threatening sky as I lifted my leg. The ground was slippery and I lost my balance and my right foot slid into a hole by the bridge post…….I kept wiggling and pulling my foot but it was as if the mud was sucking it in deeper into the hole with each movement……..

…….. I caught a glimpse of something moving at the edge of the riverbank about a hundred feet to the left of me……..The bridge was swaying more than it was a few mintues ago and I could hear a faint gurlging sound………….muffling sounds of thunder were echoing in the distance……….

…… breath caught in my chest when I realized that the mud on riverbank was moving……….I screamed for help but no one could hear me……..”

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Caught in the undercurrent….

Posted by Ronnie Dauber on November 5, 2010

More excerpts from Mudslide:

“The cold water was overwhelming and almost suffocating me……….

….I reached the top gasping for air just as the clutches of the undercurrent seized my legs and sucked me down again.  I was fighting and kicking to get back to the surface and I could actually see the undercurrent moving in the water…..

… insides screamed in fear and I thought I was going to drown….”

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Excerpts from Mudslide….

Posted by Ronnie Dauber on November 2, 2010

The sounds of the hideous gurgling above us was intensifying and becoming more threatening with each passing second.  As I looked around I realized that I had stepped back into the path of the overhanging ledge above and I was sure that I could see the mud moving……..and then suddenly, there was a loud suction noise …….and then an explosion!….I’ve never seen fear like that on anyone’s face before in my life……the entire wall split open and turned into a gigantic down pour of mud…….I held my breath…..I closed my eyes and hoped that this was a dream…….but the horrific screams of the others told me it was real……and I was sure I would die.

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